Jakks Pacific unveils new Nintendo toy collection including plushies

Jakks Pacific unveils new Nintendo toy collection including plushiesJakks Pacific has unveiled a new World of Nintendo toy collection. It will feature plush toys as well of many popular video game characters like Mario.

The plush line will be quite big. It will feature 7.5-inch tall plushies of some of Nintendo’s most popular characters ever.

Among them are Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Mushroom, Super Star and Koopa Shell. There will be two separate lines of plush toys.

One will be more for collectors and will feature detailed plushies of the characters. The details on them will be embroidered for a quality feel and touch.

The second line of Nintendo plush toys will be called Sounds Plush. It will feature toys with sound modules which will allow them to say their famous catchphrases and lines from the games.

“Nintendo is such an iconic and nostalgic brand that is beloved by multiple generations of fans,” said John Blaney, EVP of marketing at Jakks Pacific to Licensing.biz. “We are thrilled to grow our exciting line of figures and plush by offering new World of Nintendo characters to the fans, as well as expand with new products such as our World of Nintendo Sounds Plush, which feature iconic sounds from top Nintendo franchises.”

The new toy collection will also feature a line of 2.5-inch Limited Articulation Figures. They will have up to three points of articulation and of course will be covering most popular characters.

There will also be a line of 4-inch tall action figures. They will feature up to 13 points of articulation. The first characters which will get to become such figures will be from Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid and more.

The toys are already starting to appear in the shops. They will be offered at toy stores, mass retailers and online.