Jakks Pacific and Sony are making a new line of Smurfs toys

Jakks Pacific and Sony announced they are making a new line of Smurfs toys. They will be out in time for the latest Smurfs movie and feature plushies, too!

The new toys will be out in time for the Smurfs: The Lost Village animated film. The toy line will feature plush toys, action figures, play-sets.

The stuffed animals will have a talking feature. At first there will be three characters: Clumsy, Hefty and Smurfette.

“To celebrate the launch of the Smurfs: The Lost Village inspired line of toys, Jakks has teamed up with several social media influencers across YouTube and Instagram for the ultimate social media campaign. The influencers will be provided with an assortment of products from the new Smurfs: The Lost Village line, so they can share their love of these iconic characters with their fans,” said Craig Drobis, vice president of Jakks Pacific to ToyNews.

The toys will be in the stores soon. Their prices will vary from $3.49 to $24.99. In short, they won’t be breaking the bank. Of course, if they prove popular enough with the fans, there will be more toys coming. The success of the movie will also have an important role for the future of the new Smurfs toy line.