Jackie Chan came to the Oscars red carpet with teddy bears

Jackie Chan came to the Oscars red carpet with teddy bearsYou can add Jackie Chan to the list of famous people who like stuffed animals. He came to the Oscars red carpet carrying two teddy bears.

Usually the red carpet is the time of the Oscars Ceremony where everyone gets a bit of spotlight. This makes it a bit of a competition who can gather the most attention with a wild outfit.

Not if you’re Jackie Chan. He simply brought two teddy bear pandas with him. But he used the spot light not to gather attention to himself.

He told The Associated Press the two bears have a special mission. Chan is a panda ambassador. He even takes care of two panda bears in China by providing with all the needed finances for the bears.

The teddy bears were wearing yellow jackets and silver boots with UNICEF name tags. They were also sporting jorts. Jackie’s main goal is to raise attention to the preservation of pandas. He added the has taken the teddy bears everywhere with him and made a lot of pictures.

He says he’s thinking about selling the teddy bears for charity. Unless he’s grown fond of the stuffies, which is entirely possible, even if he hasn’t said that. Even so, it’s a great way to bring attention to an important issue and stuffed animals once again are the way to do it.