It’s time to defend your plushies from super lice again

It's time to defend your plushies from super lice againSpring is fast approaching and this means lice is about to break out again. And this year it may be a for of super lice, once again, the Winnipeg Sun reports.

The company Lice Crew says this year there’s a “mutant strain” super lice which has developed an immunity to most over-the-counter products. Still, there are some pesticide-free prevention sprays which can help out.

The key is your smell. If you’ve had lice before, they leave a special scent which attracts more of their brethren in the future. So using a special spray can change that scent and lower the risk of lice returning.

There’s also special lice combs which can remove lice and their eggs from the hair. The company also says only about 50% of sufferers show symptoms like itching and scratching. You can have lice without knowing.

And if you do have them, you have to tell family and friends, so they can also treat their homes and themselves. Otherwise, lice can and will spread.

Also, wash clothing and bedding, vacuum carpets and furniture. Also was your hair brush in hot soapy water.

And don’t forget your stuffed animals. Keep them clean, dust-free as possible. In case of lice, place them in a dryer on high heat for 30 minute. Another option is to place them in a sealed plastic bag for 24 hours then vacuum them or shake them from any possible lice.