It’s the big party of the year – New Years Eve

It's the big party of the year - New Years EveIt’s New Years Eve and it’s basically a global party. People all over the world are celebrating the new year and hoping for a great one.

And when we say “people” we should not forget our close friends – stuffed animals. Yes, our beloved plushies also love a good party. They are always ready and their smiles will make you fee that much better.

They are always up for some fun and a New Year’s party seems like a great way to include them into the festivities. Especially when you have kids.

You can turn it into an interesting event by having the plushies be your child’s special guests. It’s a fun spin on the evening and helps keep kids interested and engaged throughout the evening.

It’s also a way to help kids feel part of the event and have something interesting to play a part of. And it’s a great way to teach them hospitality. And when the party draws to an end, it will be time for a quick clean and then going to bed.

So, have fun during the New Years Eve party and we will see you in 2020!