It’s easy to forget what the holidays are all about

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It's easy to forget what the holidays are all aboutIt’s the biggest holiday week of the year. So many holidays are packed into two weeks and it should be time to reflect the year and relax. And also spend time with loved ones.

Sadly, these days these same holidays also mean a lot of extra stress. Mostly in the days leading up to them.

People are rushing to get to the stores, to buy gifts, to prepare for the celebrations and so on. Usually they have to either do this between their regular schedules or take days off.

Add the crowds and the overall hysteria and you can certainly understand why people get so stressed. Still, this stress brings in some much unneeded situations and the web is full of them.

Today so many people have phones with cameras and are quick to record everything. So, spats in stores and on the street are almost always being recorded at least from two angles and then they end up online.

Instead of serving as an example what not to do, it seems to have the opposite effect. People start to fight online about who’s right or wrong and then they transfer that anger outside, too.

Before you know it, people are all stressed and worked-up instead of being cheerful and happy about the time of the year. It seems so easy to forget what the holidays are all about and to the exact opposite. This is why it’s even more important to remind ourselves that and not allow stress and anger to overcome us. It’s easier said than done, but we should always try.