Isaac Larian: Don’t blame Toys R Us for your poor results

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Isaac Larian: Don't blame Toys R Us for your poor resultsDespite being gone from the US and UK for a few months, Toys R Us is still the talk of the toy industry’s town. And that still creates debates and issues.

MGA’s chairman and CEO Isaac Larian has come out again talking about Toys R Us, defending the brand, ToyNews reports. Larian earlier wanted to buy the brand and save around 200 stores, but his offer was denied.

Now Larian takes an issue with many toy companies which say their sales over the past few months are low because of Toys R Us. “Blaming Toys R Us is so lame. MGA grew another 178 per cent in the third quarter. This is on top of 78 per cent the year before and 49 per cent the year before that.”

“We have a lot more new, original IP in the pipeline. [Have spent] zero on advertising on Nickelodeon (what a waste), zero movie (we are a toy company) and zero [spend] on licensing. Just great passionate team with the purpose of winning, not blaming,” Larian says.

MGA enjoys a lot of success from LOL Surprise along with other similar collectibles and surprises like Little Tikes, Num Noms, Crate Creatures. The company wasn’t a part of Larian’s efforts to buy Toys R Us.