Is Toys R US coming back? A former CEO thinks it’s possible

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Is Toys R US coming back? A former CEO thinks it's possibleWhile everyone are getting ready for the final closure of Toys R Us this week, there are new plans on the horizon. The retailer could come back soon.

At least those are some of the plans of former Toys R Us retailer Jerry Storch, CNBC reports. It sources say Storch is already working on a way to revive the retailer.

Bloomberg adds that Storch has been working with Credit Suisse Group as a financial advisor. There are also talks with Fairfax Financial Holdings which acquired the Canadian branch of Toys R Us.

Storch himself has denied to comment on the matter. It’s thought that he, along with partners, is working on ways to acquire the Toys R Us brand and revive it soon after it’s done.

That revival won’t be in the original massive scale with hundreds upon hundreds of stores. At least not initially.

Storch has been one of the biggest defenders for Toys R Us since the problems started. He’s been vocal on the topic. “Toys R Us will survive in a different form,” he told CNBC in December.

Bloomberg sources say he now has the inspiration to eventually open several hundred stores with both Toys R Us and Babies R Us under one roof. He’s been talking with real estate landlords and is gathering a team from former executives. Would all of that be successful? It’s hard to tell, but the sheer notion that people are still working on ways to keep Toys R Us around is quite nice. We wish them luck.