Is the toy industry on a break?

Is the toy industry on a break?Lately it seems like there haven’t been much new toys out there. It feels like the toy industry is on a bit of a spring break. Or is it?

Now, the big names are obviously still going strong. As are a lot of the niche brands. They are all still working hard on new toys and are releasing them on a steady pace.

But some of the rest seem like they are on a break. One of the obvious reasons for that would be the global outbreak. Many people are staying at home and a lot of them are either with reduced pay or even fully released.

So, toys aren’t really that high on their lists of purchases right now. And toy makers also don’t really have much options. Several manufacturers actually started making medical supplies like masks and other protective equipment in order to help out. So, toys aren’t really that high on the lists of toy makers, either.

What would that mean for the long run? Probably nothing. Eventually things will start going back up, but it all depends on how long the outbreak will be. And also on what will the economy be like after it. It will take time for things to get back to normal, especially if the lockdowns continue for several months.

Still, health is much more important. So, toys are slowly taking a step back for the time being. That’s normal and hopefully the smaller toy makers will be able to hang on during the storm.