Is it weird if your boyfriend has a lot of stuffed animals

Is it weird if your boyfriend has a lot of stuffed animalsWe are accustomed to girls having lots of stuffed animals. But there are guys who like them too. Is it weird if your boyfriend has a lot of stuffed animals?

People have a lot of different reasons why they love stuffed animals. Some see them as great memories from their childhood. Others are gifts from beloved ones. Some are souvenirs from great trips.┬áThen there are some that you bought simply because you liked them. All good reasons, but for some… reason we are used to hear them from girls.

The typical guy response should be “stuffed animals are for girls”… we are told. But actually this could not be further from the truth.

One one hand lots of guys have hobbies and often these hobbies are about collecting something. Usually model trains, cars, planes and so on. Some guys would prefer to have cute stuffies to look at. This does not make them any less of a man.

You should be more than happy if your boyfriend likes stuffed animals. People who collect stuff usually have more developed imagination, tend to develop extra skills (especially for scale models) and are more responsible since they know what it takes to maintain a huge collection. These qualities spill in their lives as well.

Believe it or not men can also be victims of sexist beliefs. This is when society has “decided” that men should only like cars, sports and mechanics. This is actually beyond ridiculous. In todays world any human, no matter man or woman, should be free to like whatever he or she likes.

You don’t laugh at grown men who love real animals, hug them and talk to them funny. You think they are actually cute, right? Well, what’s the difference if this same man has a bunch of stuffed animals at home? None. And what if he collects stuffed animals for donations? That is also heroic, not funny, right? What if they simply make him feel good? Like they do with many other people? Also not funny, or girly, right?

To sum up, it is not weird if your boyfriend has a lot of stuffed animals. It would be weird if you make him feel bad about it. Instead offer to bring a couple of your stuffed animals for a sleepover.