Interactive plush toys become quite the trend

Interactive plush toys become quite the trendStuffed animals in general are always very popular. Now there’s a special category from them that is gathering a lot of attention – interactive plush animals.

Popsugar even places several of them in its list of “guaranteed hits” of toys for the year. It’s not really surprising. After all we all love plush, right?

All of these toys are new releases. They all come out this year and are already quite popular. This says something about their potential.

In the list we see names we already know. Among them are the Scruff-A-Luvs. They are an interesting combination of being interactive, without any electronics. You have to take care of them regularly, so they always look good, clean and happy.

Another ones are the Pomsies Patches. They are interactive and will tell you when they feel cold, tired, hungry. They make sounds, purr and have light-up eyes. Great for simple fun.

If you’re up for something more challenging, then try out the new Grumblies. They are angry-looking furry monsters. They come with a set of rules – don’t shake them, don’t poke them and so on. Of course, this seems more like an invitation to do just that.

If you do, then the Grumblies will get really, really angry. The box also says “DON’T Make them meltdown”. But that’s exactly what it expects you to do. They seem a bit of a way to channel some mischief, hopefully also to learn how to channel it properly and not harm anyone in the process. Still, the Grumblies seem fun.