Indy Plush makes new line of eco-friendly stuffed animals

Indie Plush eco-friendly stuffed animals
Image credit: Indy Plush(R) Adult Grizzly (PRNewsFoto/Indy Plush)

Indy Plush has a new line of eco-friendly stuffed animals. They are made in the US and focus on a new campaign names “Save the world one doll at a time”.

The new eco-friendly stuffies from Indy Plush cover a selection of Endangered Species. The toys will be sold in the chain of stores of Whole Foods as well as online.

The stuffed animals made by Indy Plush are not your typical soft toys. They have a more cartoonish design.

Each doll is designed, made and stuffed by hand. The green materials used are approved by Green America which has certified the company.

The stuffing in the toys is made from recycled plastic bottles. They are melted and spun like cotton candy. One stuffed in the toy they give a uniform fell and are very soft. The fabrics are made with sustainable materials as well. The toys have wacky and fun looks and try to put some attention to the real animals that we need to take care of better.

Eleven of the new toys represent an endangered animal. Some of them will only be possible to find in Whole Foods. For example the Black Rhino. Other animals in the collection are a gorilla, elephant, panda, grizzly bear, tiger, puma, mountain lion  and a leatherback turtle.

There are two sharks – black tip and hammerhead. They are a part of a separate collection called Shark Angels.

A portion of the sales of the stuffies will go to several non-profit organizations to help bring awareness about protecting endangered species, the earth and its eco-systems.

Most of the toys are already on sale. Their prices start at about 27 dollars and go up to 88 dollars.

Indy Plush is not the only maker of eco-friendly stuffed animals that Whole Foods is working with this holiday season. Another one is PBS Kids. They also made a line of new sustainable toys.

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