Inclusivity toys rise, but there’s still a lot of road left ahead

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Inclusivity toys rise, but there's still a lot of road left aheadInclusivity toys are an important topic and over the past few years they have risen in popularity. The latest Independent Toy Awards also confirm that.

The annual awards for the UK indie toy retail showed that these types of toys are getting retail support. More and more companies are starting to introduce inclusivity-related toys.

And people are also showing interest in them. “We worked very closely with Toy Like Me when creating the Izzy Fairy design, their guidance and expertise was invaluable,” said Anita Rakauskaite, digital marketing coordinator at Sequin Art to ToyNews.

There are plenty of steps in the right direction for sure. But organizations also say, there’s still a lot more left to do.

“We are delighted with the representation on the Independent Toy Awards winners list this year,” Rebecca Atkinson, founder of the Toy Like Me organisation told ToyNews. “It’s taken four years of hard work from Toy Like Me to raise the issue of the need for positive disability representation in the toy box, and now we are seeing more and more products coming through which have answered our campaign call.

We are so pleased to endorsed products from Lottie and Sequin Art with our Toy Like Me stamp. There is still more to do though. I really hope wins like this one will encourage other brands to contact us to create more representative toys and change the attitudes of a whole generation through the magic of play.”

Consumers can also help. Supporting such toys and campaigns will go a long way.