IKEA seems to be getting in the toy market

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IKEA seems to be getting in the toy marketIKEA is a store chain famous for selling furniture and other household items. Now it’s starting to offer a new product line – toys. And they are fully built.

The new toys come in the LUSTIGT line, Moms.com reports. The toy line features “creative, imaginative toys”.

Usually, IKEA means “you have to put it together yourself”. Not this time. All toys in the LUSTIGT line come fully made and ready to play.

“One of the designers, Henrik Preutz, had help from his 7-year-old daughter when coming up with the concepts for the toys. Preutz says that his daughter likes to make up her own rules when it comes to play time, which inspired him during his quest to create some of the amazing pieces in the line”, Moms.com adds.

Currently there are only a few simple toys. One of them is a weaving look. Kids can create their fiber toys and embroideries with it.

Another toys is a prize wheel. Kids get to choose what prizes to put o n the wheel.

There’s also a 32-foot long roll of coloring wall paper. So, if your kids are going to draw on the wall, you might as well give them a proper canvas to do so.

All of the toys in the LUSTIGT line are under $20 a pop. They will come out in IKEA stores this October. If they are popular enough, you can for sure expect even more toys.