How to welcome home a new stuffed animal

How to welcome home a new stuffed animalFor some of us stuffed animals are more than just toys. Thus simply buying them, bringing them home and throwing them on the pile is not right. Here’s a better way.

If you are like us, you will feel that a new stuffed animal is like a new member of a family. Thus you would need to introduce it properly.

As you bring the new toy home, take it out of the bag and show him or her the new home. It is also a good time to pick up a name for your new stuffed friend. That is if it doesn’t already have one.

If you have small children this is a great opportunity to teach them how to meet new people, how to introduce other people and even how to be good hosts. Bring them along as you introduce the new stuffed animal and welcome it home. Maybe even let them do it.

After you give your new stuffie a tour of the house, take it to the other stuffed animals to meet them. Then show the new stuffed animal his or hers placce where it will sleep and rest. If it is not too late, then start with a few games as a welcoming party.

Then it is time to maybe even pick some clothes and accessories for your stuffie. Next up s to place the new stuffed animal in its new home. Don’t forget to play with it from time to time. It will need your attention as much as all of the other stuffies as well.