How to use stuffed animals for interior decoration

How to use stuffed animals for interior decoration

Stuffed animals can be much more than just toys. For example as interior decoration. You only have to follow a few simple tips to achieve a great result.

There are many possibilities. It all boils down to your imagination and creativity. One thing you should keep in mind though is moderation. Don’t use too much stuffies as this can create a cluttered look.

Now the question comes, what to do with all of your stuffies? If you keep them on a shelf, cabinet, a stuffed animals zoo or a stuffed animals hammock, then leave them there. They are fine.

Choose a few stuffies from them to scatter around the house to create a more homefull and warm feel. Or a more cheeky and funny feel if you opt for some crazy looking stuffies. The choice is up to you.

For example you can use an old fashioned teddy bear to complement a retro looking room. Put it on a low shelf or on top of a dresser. You may even add a second smaller stuffed animal to keep each other company.

Teddy bears and stuffed animals often come in the form of mascots for various teams, even landmakrs and famous places. So you want to show everybody you live Chicago? Put a teddy bear wearing a Chicago hoodie somewhere more visible in your room.

Stuffed animals picture frame

Stuffies can also add some function to the looks. A stuffed animal can be also a picture frame and hold a picture of a loved one. The dog in the middle of the picture above has a special compartment where to put the image and keep it visible and protected.

You can use a group of several stuffies to create a display of some sort. For example group them on and around a chair near a fireplace or a bookshelf. You may even want to age one of the toys for a more realistic look. Here’s how.

Another way to give a room some life is to match the stuffie. For example a fancy dressed up teddy bear for a fancy looking room. Or a mechanic stuffie for the garage. Or a suited up teddy bear for the office. The options are limitless.

A stuffie with pellets that is more heavy can also function as a bookend and keep your books in place on the shelf. It can even help with the organization. For example the shelf with the teddy bear are all science, the shelf with the stuffed kitty are romance and so on. The options a limitless.