How to use games to ease moving with kids

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How to use games to ease moving with kids
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Moving can be a very traumatic event for children. They may simply not want to do it or feel scared. You can make it easier on them with a few games.

Using games makes the whole process of moving easier for the kids to handle. Plus it can help involve them into the packing and moving which will show them it is not that scary and will teach them some organizational skills and it will mean a helping hand for you, WBTW News 13 reports.

There are quite a few games that you can use or modify to your situation. For example a Scavenger hunt. Instead of having the kids simply begin packing, why not ask them to find specific items and bring them to you or put them in a said case or box. Safety tip: before you place Scavenger hunt, make sure you have taken away all of the potentially dangerous items.

You can also play a variation of I spy. You can have the child tell you what he or she sees around the house. This way you can keep track of items that are still up for packing but you have missed or forgotten.

Home basketball. Turn boxes and soft toys into a make-shift game of basketball. The smaller the toy and the further the box – the more points you get. Or use clothes if you don’t want to throw around your stuffed animals which is totally understandable.

Include the child into the packing process. Make a fast-paced game in which he or she has to gather all of her/his favorite toys and other items and bring them to you and pack them for a time limit. This can also help you understand better what your child likes and need and how she or he would react in a situation that requires fast action.

Hide and seek, tag and other games are also a nice choice. Always stress that it is a game, but don’t neglect the real implications. If your child is still upset about moving, take a break and talk about it calmly.