How to use a stuffed animal as a vault

How to use a stuffed animal as a vault

Stuffed animals are great toys and useful for companionship as well. But they can also be used for storing valuable items you have and want to keep private.

It is very easy to turn a stuffed animal into a make-shift vault. Naturally you should choose one that is not being played with. Choose the size of the stuffie in accordance with the size of the object you want to hide. It should be much smaller so it doesn’t require the removal of too much stuffing which would ruin the look of the toy and give out there is something wrong with it.

Take the toy and find a seam on the back or bottom which is not that easily visible. Use a seam ripper to tear the seam. If needed remove a little of the stuffing and then place the item in the toy. Replace some of the stuffing back and then sew the seam back.

This is pretty much it. To be on the safe side, if you are hiding a document or something, you can put it in a zip-bag to keep it safe from any possible moisture. Also keep the toy away from curious hands. You can still keep it in the open. If you want to store it away, make sure no one will decide to throw it out.

There are also ready-made stuffed animals that have hidden zippers. Some of them are specifically to be used as a vault, others are simply to give an easier access to a sound box for example. You can remove the sound box and place your item. Make sure to not tell anyone that the toy is or was used to make sounds, as people will start squeezing it.

This is pretty much all you need to do in order to use a stuffed animal as a vault. Of course it is not to be for storing something way too precious, but for more personal items, it would work just fine.