How to take stuffed animals on vacation

How to take stuffed animals on vacationPlanning to go on a vacation? Your stuffed animals want to come too. Of course you can’t take everyone of them but you can take at least a couple of stuffed animals on vacation with you.

It may seem a little strange, but bringing stuffed animals on vacation can add some extra fun to your time. Plus it helps for better pictures. With a few extra tips you can make the travel easier. So, here’s

how to take stuffed animals on vacation

First comes the choosing of the stuffie. While it’s obvious not to take the giant teddy bear bringing a too small of a stuffed animal can also be pointless. After all you will want something that it’s easy to hug and not disappear completely in the pictures.

Picking a medium size stuffie would be ideal. You can hug him or her and have some decent pictures like the one above.

Next up is packing. It’s best to put the stuffie in its own bag which you can pack with the luggage. Don’t put metal items or accessories in the same bag as it can lead to problems with the airport authorities which may think there’s something in the stuffie and want to check it. Best is to keep the stuffed animal with the clothes or in your hand luggage if the stuffie is small enough.

Don’t feel embaraced to take the toy with you when you’re out an about and take pictures with it posing in front of landmarks and etc. You’re a tourist and your stuffed animals are on vacation with you. Plus people take pictures of much more unusual things when they go abroad. Don’t be shy and have fun.

If it happens to rain when you’re out with your stuffie there are a few ways of keeping your stuffed friend dry. Of course the easiest one is to just get into a shop or something but that’s not always an option. Then wrap your stuffie in some extra clothing and put him or her in your bag. Another opion is to put the toy in a plastic bag and wrap it good. Remove the bag immediately afther the rain stops though to prevent moisture building up in the stuffie.

While your having fun with your stuffed animals on vacation, stuffies will participate in more activities than usual. So clean them up ever night. You can do that with a slightly damp cloth or wet wipes. This will sanitize them and make them ready for cuddling.

Well, those are the general tips to follow when taking stuffed animals on vacation with you. Have any other questions or advice? Let us know in the comments or in our forum.