How to store stuffed animals in a fun, creative way

How to store stuffed animals in a fun, creative way
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Stuffed animals love to party. Hence the name of our site. But the do NOT like when the party ends and it’s time to go back to the toy chest or cupboard.

Most kids also don’t like that part. But sadly no party can go on forever. There have to be some breaks, in order to make the next party desired and interesting.

In the world of stuffed animals, this means they have to have a “home” or a place to store them. In most cases that’s simply a toy chest or a cupboard. While both are normal ideas, they aren’t really that cool.

Depending on the amount of stuffed animals you have, you can create different ways to store them. For a lower amount of plushies, you can use a wicker basket. There are a lot of such baskets in various shapes. Add a couple of pillows and a blanket and you have a cozy home for the plushies.

Another option is the Stuffed Animal Zoo. This is suitable for a very big collection of stuffies. Here’s how to make one.

For less stuffies, you can also make them a hammock. It’s a comfy way for them to relax. Here’s how to make a hammock for stuffed animals.

If you have lots of small stuffed animals, you can make crochet baskets for them (or big socks) and hang them on a peg board. This way they will always get to be close to the action. And they will keep an eye on you.

Another idea for small stuffies – a wall organizer. Or similar to the one for shoes. Basically a fabric sheet with lots of pockets for storage. In this case – to store stuffed animals.

If the stuffed animals just have to go back to a cupboard, then make it a bit more interesting for them. Add some accessories, maybe a blanket, cushions and so on. Make it feel like they are simply going to their own room. Yes, you will lose some storage space, but the plushies will be happier. And it will make it easier for the kids to take a break from the toys from time to time. And it will help teach them to be tidy and better organized.