How to store and keep stuffed animals

How to store and keep stuffed animals If you have a lot of stuffed toys, you’ve probably have wondered more than once how to store and keep stuffed animals. There are some basic and easy thing you can do to keep your stuffies looking as good as new for years to come. For example the stuffed dinosaur you see on the left is more than 15 years old but it doesn’t like it, right? Here’s how you can store and keep your stuffed animals.

Store and keep stuffed animals

There are several types of textile materials that are more commonly used for stuffed animals. Depending on them there are different ways to store and keep stuffed animals. Usually plush, syntetic fur are the top choices but you can also find stuffed toys made out of wool, cotton and etc.

stuffiesActually a good way to think about how to store and keep stuffed animals is to do what you do for your clothes. Keep them away from moisture and don’t store them in such rooms for too long. Also do not store them away in plastic bags because they coud get mold.

Keep them away from direct sun for too long as well. This can lead to their colors fading. Of course nothing will happen to them if they get the occasional sun rays, just not for too long at a time. It goes without saying that fire is also an enemy but so is excessive heat, so keep your stuffed friends at a fair distance from the fireplace.

Another good thing is not to keep them in the kitchen for too long. They will absorb the smells from the cooking and even some of the oils that may spray from the oven. This will make them smell and feel bad and we don’t want that now do we? If that happens, you can always check out how to clean and maintain stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals storage for long periods

If for whatever reason you have to store some your stuffed toys for a longer period (more than a month) then it would be better to take some extra measures. If you’re keeping them in a box, make sure there are a couple of holes or openings so air can get through and prevent build up moisture. You can even throw some moisture absorbing gel packs in there for good measure.

Moths are another thing you should look out for. As much as the little creatures like your favorite clothes they will could like the taste of your stuffies. So add some moth repellent to be on the safe side.

Proper care will ensure that our stuffed friends will be with us for years to come. We would like to hear your thoughts. You can share your ways on how to store and keep stuffed animals via our forum or in the comments below.