How to show even more love to our children

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How to show even more love to our children
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Lance McCord

Buying stuffed animals and toys is all good, but it’s not really a way to show love to your children. Here are some ways on how to do that even better.

Most parents think of toys as a way to get their kids off their heads. This is why mobile devices are so popular to give to children now – because they draw their attention. But that doesn’t really say “I love you” to children. You have to remember they look up to you. They learn from you and you are an example for them.

If you truly want to build a connection with your child and have them know you are always there for them then you have to be proactive. You have to be showing them love all the time and here is how.

Begin by limiting the use of electronics when you are around your children. Instead of paying attention to the screen of your smartphone, pay attention to your child, even when you are on the playground and she or he is not really paying much attention to you.

When your child talks to you, actually listen to their stories. Make eye contact more often.

This one is kind of¬†obvious, but many parents seem to forget it – hug and kiss your children more often. Try to find the balance because if you do it too often, then the child may get irritated. If he or she does, don’t get angry, simply say you are sorry.

Spend actual time with your kids. Get involved. Offer to play with them, read with them. Leave the Facebook and text messages for later. They won’t get away from you, but your proper relationship with your children, will. If you want your children to take care of you when you are older, take proper care of them now.

Some parents think tough love is the way to go. Not all children respond well to that. Some, who have more mellow characters, can be devastated by tough love. Leave that for only very rare occasions. Instead tell your children more often that you are proud of them and you love them.

Give them choices, make them involved in the household for example to plan a family outing or choose dinner from time to time. It will make them more confident and will show them you trust them.

When playing with your children, help them develop their imagination. Help them think of names for their stuffed animals. Use stuffed animals to help them learn to count, to learn more about animals. All of this will help you build a strong bond that will last on.