How to sell stuffed animals

How to sell stuffed animalsPeople want to sell their plush toys? Is that possible? Yes. There are some who want to sell stuffed animals and find them new homes. Here’s how to do it.

Lets remember that not everybody are fans of stuffed animals, as crazy this may seem. But some people just have loads of stuffies left from their kids, that take up their space. One way is to donate them to organizations.

But maybe you want some extra cash. Then you will have to sell stuffed animals and there are two easy ways. One of them is the classic garage sale. Simply gather the toys beforehand and inspect them.

If they are dusty, give them a little cleaning or at the very least use a vaccuum cleaner to remove the dust. Also look for tears, accessories and other details. Then determine the prices accordingly. Be realistic. You won’t become rich by selling stuffed animals on a garage sale.

Don’t have the time and place to do a garage sale? Well then, sell the toys online. Sites like eBay, Craigslist and local sites for classifieds can do wonders.

Again, first inspect the toys and give them a little bit of a clean up if needed. Then take some pictures of each stuffed animal. If there are tears or missing details, make sure to note them with the picture and in the description of the ad. You don’t want to hide the issues, because the buyer can then file a complaint.

Instead be honest about the items you are selling. Be ready to provide extra details and pictures if asked by a potential buyer. Also try to reply to each question within the day.

When selling stuffed animals online sometimes you can set a price or let the buyers bid. Either way don’t expect to get a huge amount of money unless you are selling a very rare and collectible toy. Also don’tĀ ask too much for shipping as people will just look elsewhere.

Se sure to properly pack the stuffed animals when you sell them and it is time for shipping them to their new home. Stuffies are light, but can get dirty easily so it is best to put them in a box for shipping. If you want, you can also put them in a plastic bag just in case. But if the travel is going to be a very long one, be sure to make a couple of holes in the bag to let air circulate.