How to return some order in the toys and playroom

How to return some order in the toys and playroom
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mandy Jouan

The more you play with stuffed animals and toys, the more your playroom becomes cluttered. Here are a few simple tips to keep things in order.

The most important thing is to include the kids into the entire process. Make tidying up seem likeĀ an interesting game.

Maybe think about challenges or rewards. Or simply create a story, like for example all the toys are tired and want to rest in their homes. There are many possibilities.

First go through all the toys. Identify ones that are broken, worn out or whatever. Decide whether they can be repaired or not. It’s also a good time to see which toys are rarely played with if at all. They would be great for donating. It may be tough at first, but this is a good time to teach your children about being able to let go things they don’t really use or need. And also help others in the process.

Next, separate the toys into groups. Action figures go with action figures. Stuffed animals get together with other stuffies. Crayons get their own “house” and so on.

After you’ve grouped the toys, it’s time to build them their homes. This can be drawers, bins, baskets, boxes. You can also make a stuffed animal zoo. Or a stuffed animal hammock. There are other cool ways to store stuffed animals, too.

Smaller toys would go well in smaller bins or boxes and then put on a shelf. This way you can quickly create a “toy village” and have most toys well organized. Also, make it part of each play time and games that the toys must go back into their homes at the end. After all they want to rest, too. You can even add funky labels to each “home” to make things even more interesting. And that’s pretty much it. With some effort you should be able to keep some relative order in the toys and playroom and actually make it fun to do so.