How to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear

How to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear
Image credit: Disney

Disney’s Lotso teddy bear has a tasty strawberry aroma that makes hugging him a very sweet thing to do. But with time the smell fades away. Can we restore it?

Yes, there are many ways to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear. You can have him smelling like strawberries again in a jiffy.

But who is Lotso? He is a funny popular character from Disney’s Toy Story 3. He is offered in a few different sizes but all of them are cute, red and strawberry scented. This makes him suitable for hand washing only, which is actually a good thing. This way you can both clean him and restore his scent in one go.

So, how to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear

If you have bought your Lotso Hugging Bear from Disney, you will receive him in a special pink bag. If you keep Lotso sealed in it for a couple of days, you will restore much of his scent back.

But can you spend two days without him? It may be difficult. And maybe it is time to give him a nice clean anyway. So another option is to buy a strawberry-scented laundry soap. Surface clean Lotso with a mixture of warm water and the soap. Soak a cloth in the water and give him a nice rub. Alternate with a dry cloth so not to soak the bear too much.

Another way to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear is to spray him with a strawberry-scented perfume. Don’t spray too much though as you don’t want him to reek, but just give a nice gentle scent. Also be careful not to soak the bear with the perfume. The good thing about this method though is that you can do it as often as you want in order to keep Lotso scented for a very long time.

A fourth way is to use strawberry lotion. Rub a very small amount of the lotion on your hands and then into the teddy bear and wait for it to dry. This will also have a lasting effect but be careful. Too much lotion can have a bad effect on Lotso’s fur. So first test on a small area.

With these ways you will be able to restore the scent of a Lotso teddy bear with ease. Happy hugging!