How to replace the stuffing in a stuffed animal

How to replace the stuffing in a stuffed animalWith time some stuffed animals start to look saggy and tired. Usually their stuffing is due for replacement. Lets see how to replace the stuffing in a stuffed animal.

There are several reasons why the stuffing would need replacing. Some older toys for example use cotton and/or wool stuffing that gets packed in with time.

Moisture can also ruin quite a few types of stuffing. Whatever the reason, chances are you will need to replace the stuffing in a stuffed animal down the road.

This is relatively easy to do, but it will require some patience and a careful approach not to damage the toy. First you need to get the new stuffing. It is best to use polyester or cotton stuffing. Foam is also an option but mainly for smaller toys.

Take the stuffed animal and look for the seams. Some stuffies are made out of several separate parts that you will have to replace the stuffing in.

It is best to use a seam ripper and rip the seam somewhere not too visible. If for example the head of the suffed animal is sewn on the body and it is not the same piece, then it is best to rip the seam there as you will be able to replace the stuffing both in the body and in the head with just one ripped seam.

Take the old stuffing out and put it in a bag. If the stuffing has gone bad because of moisture it is possible that it will be smelling pretty bad. If that is the case, check the insides of the toy for any mold or mildew and wash it if needed.

If all seems fine and simply the stuffing has compated, then remove it and place the new one. You want to take your time with this as you don’t want to put too much stuffing and make the toy look bloated. It will take some trial and error to achieve the desired stuffing level.

After you are satisfied with the look and feel of the toy, it is time to sew it back together. Do a few simlpe straght stitches with a thread that is in the same color as the rest of the toy. You have replaced the stuffing in the stuffed animal and your friend is ready for new adventures.