How to repair Teddy Ruxpin

How to repair Teddy Ruxpin
Image credit: YouTube video screenshot

Teddy Ruxpin is a classic stuffed animal. He is also the first talking and animated stuffed animal. As an old toy he needs to be repaired from time to time.

There are specialized stores and repair shops that can tackle major problems with teddy bears, including Teddy Ruxpin. But they can also be expensive and sometimes it is simply easier to repair Teddy Ruxpin yourself. Especially if you come across one of the more common problems with the loveable teddy bear.

So how to repair Teddy Ruxpin

Usually the motors that are running the mouth and eyes of the toy are causing problems. In order to see what is wrong, first you have to get to the insides of the toy. Remove the clothes and the battery cover which is at the back of the teddy bear. You will need a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws keeping the cover in place.

Carefully pull the cassette player. Mark where each wire is connecting or take a photo of it to make reassembly later easier.

Usually the fur of Teddy Ruxpin gets into the motors and jams them. So you can use a can of compressed air to blow them away and clean the insides of the toy.

You may have to be even more thorough though. You may need to get to the motors themselves. This will require to remove the fur. Cut the red thread at the mase of the neck and rip the seam open, working your way up until its seam stops at about 3/4 up his head’s back.

Slip the fur off the body and gently turn it inside out. You may have to slowly tear the foam away. Use the compressed air to clean the volume control panel, check to see if the wires are connected well.

The motors are held with a metal spring at their backs. Remove the springs and slide the motors out, they have grooves so it is easy to relocate them. You can now take a look at the motors and fix them if needed.

Then it is time to replace everything in the reverse order and sew the seam again. Replug the player and test to see if Teddy Ruxpin is repaired and well.