How to remove stickers from stuffed animals

How to remove stickers from stuffed animals
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

Children often like to “decorate” their toys with stickers. This includes stuffed animals which don’t really like stickers. Here’s how to remove them.

First, be careful and patient. Stickers are especially tough to remove from stuffed animals because of their furry nature.

It you pull the stickers too fast, you risk tearing the stuffed animal. You can damage the fur if you use the wrong solution or a chemical.

Stickers have glue which tends to remain even after you’ve removed the actual sticker. It is also something you need to address and clean properly.

How to remove stickers and Band-Aids from stuffed animals

One option would be to gently heat the sticker with a hairdryer. This will make the glue softer which would make it easier to work with. Be careful not to overheat the sticker as you might damage the toy.

BabyCenter also advises to use a basic body lotion. Something which isn’t too greasy. Test the lotion on an inconspicuous area of the toy to see that it won’t stain or damage it. If it does, use a different lotion. Most lotions though should be fine.

Then take a small amount of lotion on your fingers and rub it along the edges of the sticker. Then simply start to slowly pull the sticker off. The lotion should make glue even softer and it should lose its stickiness.

Be patient and take your time. The sticker might tear into several pieces as you remove it. That’s OK.

After you’ve removed the sticker, clean the lotion and check the stuffed animal to see if there’s any remaining glue on the fur. If there is, you might want to give the toy a classic cleaning. Check its label to see if you can wash it in a washing machine or if it’s hand wash only.

Next, treat the fur to make it fluffy again. Your stuffed animal should now be sticker and glue free!