How to remove glue from a stuffed animal

How to remove glue from a stuffed animalChildren love their stuffed animals and play with them a lot. Sometimes they get hold of something, like glue for example, that ends up on their toys and now you have to clean it.

Happily not all is lost and it is possible to remove glue from a stuffed animal. You just need to be patient and not rush the process as it is easy to damage the fur of the stuffie. The type of glue and fabric also has a big role.

Most glues usually harden like rock. Take a butten knife or a spoon and scrape off excess glue. Softer glues may be possible to peel off even by hand.

Of course you won’t be able to remove all of the glue like this. For the remains you will have to use some extra help. Mix some lukewarm water and liquid dish detergent in a bow and then use a sponge to rub the area.

For really tough glue remains, mix 1 qt. warm water with half table spon dish detergent and 1 table spoon of ammonia. Soak the area in the water and keep the water warm but not hot.

If there are still remains that won’t come off, spritz the stuffed animal with a laundry pretreatment after 15 minutes of soaking. Then wash the stuffed animal in a washing machine with regular laundry detergent. Leave the toy to air dry and inspect it to see if the glue has been fully removed.

There is still glue on the toy? This is almost guaranteed if the glue is epoxy, modeling glue or hair glue. In this case skip the above parts and start straight with an enzyme-based aerosol laundry pretreatment. If you can find out what the brand of the glue was, then you can research for ways to remove it, as some glues respond well to other stain removal products too.

After you have sprayed the area with the pretreatment then wash the toy in the washing machine and leave it to air dry. You may be left with a greasy stain. Use some dry cleaning solvent and blot it with paper towels. Then scrape the excess glue off and check the result. If needed rewash the stuffed animals and it should be glue free.