How to put a stuffed animal in a balloon

How to put a stuffed animal in a balloon
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / amateur photography by michel

Want to make an unusual gift wrap for a new toy? How about putting a stuffed animal inside of a balloon? Works a treat for smaller stuffies and it’s fun!

There are some stores that sell ready-made gifts that are already put into balloons. But you can do it yourself for most small to medium sized stuffed animals and other toys and gifts.

Here is what you have to do. First get hold of a big balloon. One that is at least 18-inches in size. If you can find a bigger balloon, that’s even better, as it will make things a lot easier.

You also need a PVC pipe that is at least 3-inches wide. The exact width would rely on the capabilities of the opening of the balloon to be stretched enough to be put around one end of the pipe. A bigger balloon will allow the use of a wider pipe which will make putting the toy inside easier and will allow to pick a bigger stuffed animal.

After the balloon opening has been wrapped around one end of the pipe, wiggle the stuffed animal into the balloon through the other end of the pipe. Make sure the stuffed animal goes head first into the balloon so that it can sit up straight when the balloon is inflated. You can also add some confetti or other small trinkets if you want to make the gift even more special.

When the toy has been placed inside of the balloon, remove the pipe. Now inflate the balloon and tightly tie the open end shut. You now have a stuffed animal inside of a balloon ready to be gifted to the amazement of the happy recipient of the gift.

Pro tip: Be sure to get more than one balloon if you go for such a gift wrap. It is very possible that you will break one or two balloons as you get the hang of the way to do it.