How to properly pack a stuffed animal

How to properly pack a stuffed animalIf you’ve ever had to send a plush toy through the mail or store it for longer, you know how important is to properly pack a stuffed animal. With some extra tips you can be rest asured your toy will be safe during the travel.

The tips will work whether you are packing one stuffed animal or several. After all they are soft and cuddly, so you can safely put a few stuffies in the box and pack them nicely.

But don’t just throw them in the box, tape it up and send it on its way. It is best to prepera a bit. For example choose a box which size would allow enough room for the toys. This is important for several reasons. For example, if the box is crushed during shipping, there will be more room for it to move and not also squeeze the toy(s).

Before you put the toys in, line the box with bubble wrap. Do that for the floor and sides of the box. This will give an extra layer of safety for the toys.

Next up is to start filling the box with the toys. Start with first placing the big ones in and then the smaller ones. Finally add some bubble wrap on the top of the animals. Don’t pack it too tight though. It would be best to leave a hole or two for some air to get in and circulate.

After that close the box and seal it with packing tape. You can add a couple of extra strips on the sides and top and bottom of the box to give it extra strenght. After all it will be traveling with lots of other much heavier boxes that can crush it a bit.

If the trip or storage time is going to be very long, then make a couple of small holes in the box for air to cirtulate. This will prevent moisture from building up.

Finally add the label with the address and you are good to go. If you are not going to ship the toys or you are going to transport them yourself, then simply put it into the storage or trunk and off you go.