How to personalize stuffed animals

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How to personalize stuffed animalsDo you want your stuffed animals to stand out? To give them some extra character? You can always do that when you personalize stuffed animals using a few extra acessories and some creativity.

So how do you personalize stuffed animals? It all comes down to creativity and you own personal preferences. Let’s say we have our stuffed rooster Futix you see here to the left. He looks pretty normal at the moment.

But we know he wants something special because he will travel soon. And we know that he’s like a typical rooster – a bit brave a tough.

So we add a hat, some sun glasses and he’s ready for the beach. Oh, and we gave him his favorite football because who doesn’t like to play with a ball on the beach, right?

futixBut this is just a very simple grooming. You can always do a lot more when you

Personalize stuffed animals

You can pick a certain type of character for your stuffie. For example a warrior. Then you can first dress the animal up in appropriate attire. You can always use old baby clothes for that, buy some new or sew them yourself. Remember, whatever you want, that what you can and should do.

Depending on what type of character you chose, you can also add some extra stuff to your stuffed animal. If he or she is a doctor for example, he can have a stethoscope for example. If he’s a warrior he should have some kind of a weapon and so on.

Maybe you will also need a better name for your reformed friend. Or you can just add a nickname that will suit his or hers new image.

You may also want to think about some new attitude for your stuffie. Maybe he or she starts to like books more than before. Or likes to go out and meet new friends more. You decide.

What else do you think you can do to personalize stuffed animals? Give them some new acessories like earings? Or maybe add some talking electronics to them? Let us know.