How to organize a welcoming party for a new teddy bear

How to organize a welcoming party for a new teddy bearGetting a new teddy bear can be a special moment if you like stuffed animals. It can also be a nice way to teach children hospitality and show them it is important to be friendly and warm towards others.

Like we said, for many of us, teddy bears and stuffed animals are more than just toys. They are friends and deserve to be treated as such. Especially when they are brand new and we have just bought them. They are coming into an unknown world and might be a bit scare. Having a proper welcoming party will make the teddy bear feel much better and happier.

Begin by telling your new stuffed friend that they will be safe with you and you will provide a good home. Show them you can be trusted and dependent on. Show your new friend they will be loved and cared for.

Next, give your new stuffed friend a name. You can choose one of the ready-made ways and names we have for you right here. But you can also use your creativity and pick an entirely unique name for your new teddy bear. Here’s how to do that. You can also give your stuffie a nickname, too.

After the formalities are out of the way, it is time for the real fun. Take your teddy bear on a tour around your house. Show your friend where he or she will live, show your toys, favorite places, games. Also introduce your new bear to the rest of your stuffed animals and to your family and pets. Since this can be overwhelming and time consuming, you can leave it for the next day if you have arrived home relatively late. If that is the case, only show the most important parts and leave the rest for the morning.

Then it is time for some actual games. See what your new friend likes the most and play these games. Or do something else you both like, like reading stories, watching a movie, going out to the yard and so on. You can even tell your teddy bear he or she will be your protector from monsters. This will make all teddy bears feel valued and appreciated and they will take on that role with pride.

All of this will also increase the bond between you both. You will quickly become friends and be close. Children will also learn to value relationships with others and will love to take care of someone.