How to make your very own plush squirrel

How to make your very own plush squirrelOne of the best things about our hobby is that you can actually create your very own stuffed animals. All you need is some colorful fabric, thread, needle and imagination and creativity. Here’s how you can make your own plush squirrel.

It’s easy to do, but if you’re a child, only do with together with an adult. As for adults, well. Let’s get to work?

First things, first. You need to gather your materials. The main tutorial uses classic brown and white felt for the squirrel. But you can actually freely use any other fabric you want.

You then need some thread. Opt tor a thread which is matching the main color fabric, so that the seams aren’t too visible. Or, depending on your style goals, maybe you want the seams visible. You can create a Tron-like effect with some colorful thread. It’s all up to your imagination. Also – stuffing. More on that belwo.

Next, you need a pattern with which to create and cut the body pieces of the plush squirrel. You can use this original design by Nuno-Runo’s Blog.

The actual process of making a plush squirrel

It’s free and gives you a good starting point for all of the needed pieces. It’s meant to make a small plush squirrel, about 7 cm in height. But you can print it out in a bigger size if you want. Or, you can use the basic pattern as a base and redraw it larger.

Then retrace the pieces onto the fabric. Cut them to size. Remember, that the pattern doesn’t have seam allowance. You don’t need to leave one, as this pattern doesn’t employ them. This way the seams will be visible though. If you don’t want visible seams, then add seam allowance of about 1 cm and sew from the inside, then turn the pieces to their outside form.

Sew the darts of the cheeks and the belly with back stitch. Darts are sewn from inside. Next, sew the crown to the head from the outside.

Then, sew the belly to the body. The back remains open. If you want, you can add a wire to the insides of the legs to make the squirrel sit by itself easier. If you’re going for a bigger version of the squirrel though, that might not be needed as there will be enough surface.

Next, start filling the squirrel from the back. You can use polyfill, fiber, , cotton, special stuffing from hobby shops, foam. It all depends on the types of materials you prefer.

Next, is how much stuffing to put. This part is also totally up to you. If you want, you can make a slim squirrel by adding only enough to fill in the body just so. But you can also make a more cuddly plushie by adding more stuffing. It’s up to you and your preferences. Remember to make sure the stuffing is equally spread and reaches all the way to the paws and the nose.

Finally, add the ears and tail. Don’t forget to also fill the tail with stuffing. Then sew it to the lower hips. Then the eyes. You can use buttons, sequins, embroider them or simply sew them on from other pieces of felt. And your plush squirrel is now ready to meet rest of your stuffed party and join the fun!