How to make your own plush superhero

How to make your own plush superheroMaking your own plush toys can be quite fun. Especially if you want to create something unique. Like your very own plush superhero, for example.

You can make that happen. All you need are some colorful fabrics, a general idea of what you want to create and some free time.

And of course, a suitable pattern to base your design on. You can draw your own and it won’t be that difficult.

But you can also use ready ones. Like these from envatotuts+ .You should take a look at it and prepare everything you need. Or at least most of the stuff.

The thing with custom projects is that you never really know what you would need until you need it. So, be patient and look at this project as a way to relax and spend some quality time with loved ones. It’s an ideal way to create a plush superhero along with your kids.

So, be prepared that you would come across an item you need, but don’t have. That would be a great way to take a break, go out if you can and get it. Or leave it for the weekend where the fun can continues.

As you have your fabric and supplies ready, you would start with deciding the size of your plush superhero. Don’t go overly too big. Keep it within 10-15 inches in height. Any more and you would need too much materials and stuffing.

Use the pattern to cut the first pieces to size. Also use your creativity to choose the fabrics, colors and threads. These are what are going to shape your plush superhero.

Then it’s time to start assembling your plush superhero. Start with the top half of the body. Stitch the two identical pieces together and leave the bottom and top side unsewn. As then add the next piece and the next.

Your goal is to have the sides of the body sewn, but the middle to be unsewn, so that you can add the stuffing.

Do the same for the head. You can and should get creative with the face of your superhero. Would he or she have a mask? Or it would be some sort of animal? That’s all up to you and your preferences.

Then add the stuffing and sew the pieces together. Finally, you can add additional details. Things like belts, capes, special accessories.

When you’re done, all that is left go give your superhero a name. And he or she is ready to keep you safe and participate in your fun and games.