How to make whiskers for stuffed animals

How to make whiskers for stuffed animalsWhiskers are an important detail of many stuffed animals. Mostly cats of course. Sadly they are the first ones to fall of in many cases. Happily there are a few easy wast to make whiskers for stuffed animals.

You don’t need to be a DIY pro to make whiskers for stuffed animals. This makes such projects an easy way to make a few first steps in DIY. The main challenge here is attaching them on the stuffie in a way that they will not fall off easily.

Making whiskers for stuffed animals

Usually manufacturers use plastic thread or cordage to make whiskers for stuffed animals. A nice household option is hemp cord. Just cut it to the desired lenght and make several pieces depending on how many whiskers you need.

Another option is to use thicker thread. You can also wipe them with a drop or two of FrayStop, FrayCheck.

A third way is to braid two strands of embroidery thread around clear plastic cord for jewels for example. Then add a braid at the end that will be in the stuffie for attachment, but more on that in a bit.

A fourth option is to use sesal rope. Get it at the store and simply unravel it and use the strands as whiskers for stuffed animals. Of course if you have other creative ideas, you can apply them. You can also share them with us and everyone else in the comments below or in our forum.

Attaching the whiskers to the stuffed animal

Usually this is the big challenge. How to attach the whiskers to the stuffie without them falling out again? There are a few options depending on the stuffie and the level of… intrusion you are willing to make.

One sure way is to add a braid at the end of the whisker and basically implant it in the stuffie. Then put a couple of drops of glue in it and sew the place around the braid leaving the whisker protruding.

Not all stuffies allow the options of “implanting” the whiskers like that. So sometimes you have to chose another ways.

There is an option to sew whiskers directly on the cheeks of the stuffie. This works better when the toy is more furry so the sewing won’t be visible.

To do that first cut the whiskers at twice the lenght of one. Then fold them in half and tie a little knot at the fold. Place the knot on the stuffie and sew it in place. The exact way to sew the whisker depends on the stuffie.

Another option is to cut long lines of embroidery thread and run them from one side of the stuffie straight out of the other side. Then cut down to size and tie a little knots on both sides to anchor them. Or drop a little glue if you don’t want visible knots. Do that a few times until you have the desired numbers of whisker for your stuffie.

Congratulations. Your stuffie now has new whiskers!