How to make the White Angry Birds stuffie

How to make the White Angry Birds stuffie
Image credit: Obsessively Stitching

The Angry Birds games are still quite popular which is to be expected. You can bring them outside of the screen by making DIY stuffed animals of them almost free.

We say “almost free” because you may have to get some materials in order to make the White Angry Birds stuffie. The pattern is free and it is made by Obsessively Stitching and can be found here. You can redraw the pattern by hand on a piece of paper in the size you need it, or you can simply print it out in the size you want.

You will need white fleece, felt or other fabric you have or prefer. This will make the body and eyes. Then you need a little bit of tan fabric for the belly, some orange for the beak, black for the tail and facial features and yellow for the cheeks.

Follow the pattern and cut the pattern pieces from the paper. Then transfer them to the fabric and cut the needed number of pieces. This means four for the main body, two for the beak, one for the tail and one for the top.

The piece with the face has little stars marked on the pattern. According to Obessively Stitching you will have to first sew only between the stars in order to make it easier to put the eyes on. Then finish up the seams all around the body.

Note that the front piece also has a horizontal line. You will need to cut along it (but only for the frontal piece) and replace it with the tan material for the belly of the White Angry Bird. Simply sew it along the face piece where you cut it.

While joining the back seam, you can put the tail there, too and sew it close. The same can be done for the top. Also, remember to leave a part of the body that is not stitched close, so you can stuff the toy with fiberfill, foam, cotton or whatever is that you prefer. Vary the amount of stuffing in accordance of how much you want.

Finally, the beak. Cut the two pieces. The black line in the middle of the piece is where the black piece of felt for the mouth should go. Sew the two pieces together and stuff them. Then comes the tricky bit – sewing it on the face. Use pins to pin it in place then slowly sew along the edges.

After you are done with the beak, you can cut the cheeks and add them as in the picture. Next up is to start adding the facial features with the black fleece or other fabric. You can sticth them in place or glue them.

Now your White Angry Birds stuffie is ready. You can add it to your collection of other Angry Birds and Angry Pigs.