How to make stuffed owls

How to make stuffed owls
Image credit: Your Best Handmade Creations

Owls are the animals of wisdom they say. Well, stuffed owls are the definately the animals of cuteness. Making a stuffed owl can be a quite interesting.

Here you can see how to make a couple of stuffed owls that you can add to your collection of stuffies. The original idea can be found here.

How to make stuffed owls

Making these funny little stuffies is not difficult but it will require a bit of patience. The reasons for that are there are just too many pieces you will have to make.

It all starts with the gathering of materials. In this case, the stuffed owls are made from sheets of felt. The good thing of felt is that it is cheap and available in many colors. So the choice is entirely up to you and your preferences.

You will also need two styrofoam balls which will act as the main part of the stuffed owls. In the list of needed materials you will find also some glue.

Start with making a flat spot on the two styrofoam balls. This is to prevent them from rolling on the table when you turn them into stuffed owls.

Then print out the template which you can find here. Cut the pieces and trace them on the felt. Number 3 is the feather. You can cut the feathers in one or more colors as you wish.

Then, starting from the bottom of the ball, glue the feathers to it and go up. After you cover the entire ball, cut the rest of the shapes. 1 2 and 5 are for the eye region. Place piece 2 onto piece 1 and glue them together. You can then add an eye.

Piece number 4 is for the ears. Punch the two corners of the triangle together and glue them to create the ears. Then glue them to the rest of the owl. An unpinched triangle will act as the beak.

Here you can find the pattern for the second stuffed owl. The procedure is the same but will create a slightly different owl. Actually you can always personlize the designs up to your tastes.