How to make stuffed animals from shirts

How to make stuffed animals from shirtsIt’s not mandatory that stuffed animals only have to be made with special materials and look realistic. The beauty of the stuffies is that you can make them from just about everything and still have the same joy and love. For example you can make stuffed animals from shirts.

Making stuffed animals from shirts is not that difficult although it may require some patience and practice. The most important thing to have though is creativity. If you have that, then the limits are minimal and you will make the stuffie you always wanted.

While making stuffed animals from shirts some things may differ depending on the type of materials you use. For example a denim shirt would require thicker thread to sew together from say a satin shirt which would require you to be very careful. The main process though is the same.

So here’s how to make stuffed animals from shirts

For starters first gather the stuff you will need. Choose some old shirts, get some paper, pen, measuring tape, thread, needles, pins, scissors, buttons of eyes and stuffing.

First draw the pattern of the stuffed animal you want to make. There are many ways to do it. You may want to go with something simple for example a full bear shape. Or you may go with the more complex way and draw each paw on a separate piece and do the same for the body head, ears and so on. This will make the toy a bit more complex to make and will require more material, but the end result will be much better.

Remember that you will need to do two identical pieces of fabric for each part of the toy. Also leave about a quarter of an inch extra on each side as you will need that bit for the seams. Put the two pieces with their inner side out one on top of another and sew them together. Leave the bottom part unsewn for now.

Also attach the eyes and other acessories you want. You can also embroide them if you don’t wat to attach buttons. You can easily achieve claws by running a short straight line of thicker black thread at the ends of the paws.

Then turn the sewed piece the right side out and fill it with the stuffing. The stuffing in question can be cotton, foam, pellets or a mixture of a few materials. Your aim is to achieve the desired softness and stuffness you want. After you’re done do the same thing for the other pieces.

Now it is time to start sewing the pieces together. Use threat in the same color as the shirts and do neat close seams. Now add finishing touches if you want or need any.

Congratulations, your new stuffed animal is born. It’s easy to make stuffed animals from shirts, isn’t it? Now give it a name and develop a character for him or her. We’d love to see your work here or in our forum.