How to make Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear

How to make Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear
Image credit: Bluebonnet Crafters

Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear is a cute stuffed animal that you can make for your collection. It is relatively easy to do thanks to a free pattern that you can use.

The pattern is made by Bluebonnet Crafters and you can see it right here. At first you may think this pattern is quite difficult to follow. Actually it is the opposite. And you can print it out in various sizes depending on how big you want your Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear to be.

After you print the pattern or simply redraw it in the size you want, cut the pieces and retrace them on pieces of cardboard. Then use them to retrace them on the wrong side of the fabric you will be using. If you use fur, follow the nap, which should be running down on all pieces except the ears where it should be up.

Follow the instructions on the pattern and cut four pieces for the legs, two pieces for the body, two for the head, four for the upper paws and four for the ears. Leave about a centimeter or so seam allowance. Then put the pieces with their right sides facing eachother and sew them together. Leave the open part in accordance to the pattern. The ears are sewn directly with their right sides out because they are not going to be stuffed.

Turn the pieces inside out and smooth out the seams. Then start filling them with stuffing. This can be cotton, wool, polyester Fiberfil and so on. Fill them in accordance of how stuffed you want Fremont to be. Don’t put too much though as he will look bloated.

It is now time to add the nose, eyes. You can also embroid the mouth. You can use the picture for inspiration or you can create an unique facial expression for your Fremont teddy bear. Sew the open parts closed.

Now you have all of the pieces of Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear ready. It is time to join them together. The original tutorial features a very interesting way to ensure a firm joint for the paws, legs and tail. If it seems too complicated for you, you can simply stitch them all around their joints. It will give more than enough strength as long as the toy is taken good care of when played with.

You can then add some accessories to Fremont, like a stars and stripes bow, or a hat. It is your choice. Now Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear is ready to be introduced to the rest of the stuffed animals in your collection.