How to make eyes for stuffed animals

How to make eyes for stuffed animalsEyes usually are the first bits from a stuffie to fall off and get lost. In most cases this is bad news as they are the one thing you can’t easily replace. But happily there are a few ways in which you can make eyes for stuffed animals.

Making eyes for stuffed animals is not that hard. You can actually achieve pretty good results with most household items. You can always use your creativity as well.


Here are 7 ways to make eyes for stuffed animals

There are several ways which can depend on the type of stuffie and the result you want to achieve. One of the most common methods is to take a couple of buttons for a jacket or a coat and sew them in place. You can simply get them from an old piece of clothing or make a trip to the shop. Given the insane amount of available desings you’re sure to find that will work best for you. Ideally you want half spheres for best effect.

Another option is to get plastic pellets and paint them like eyes. For example put a white dot on a black pellet and you will get a realistic looking eye. You will have to glue them to the stuffie to give it it’s sight back.

Put some color fabric beneath the eyes for more detailed look

Due to the size of the pellets though you will be limited to mainly smaller stuffed animals. Again half spheres would be best if the to doesn’t have enough room for full spheres. You can also cut some color fabric and place it under the pellet for extra details, like on this stuffed cow.

To make eyes for stuffed animals that are on the large side you can use small balls from a play set or something. You can again paint them in the desired way and glue them in place.

Use your creativity. Maybe you want your stuffed animal to now have blue eyes or something else.

Professionally embroided eyes

There’s one sure way your eyes for stuffed animals will never ever fall off. And this is to embroider them. This is also quite tricky and requires some experience with the needle and thread and a lot of patience.

It is managable of course and you can have a stuffie that will never loose it’s sight again. The color of the thread for the eye is again your choice but the classic is black and white.

Maybe you want something easier. Well then you can simply go out and get some eye stickers. There are plenty of desings. Be sure to pick ones that are on cardboard or plastic. You don’t want paper thin stickers on your stuffie as they won’t look goot at all. You can also place the stickers on cardboard, cut them to size and glue them on the toy.

Sticker eyes made out of glazed plastic.

Another option to make eyes for stuffed animals is to use white glazed cardboard and paint a black dot in the middle. Cut them in an eye shape and glue them neatly in place.

Or maybe you want something even more unsual. Then you can make use of glass balls.

They also have a wide variety of colors and designs and will give your stuffie a truly unique look. They would be ideal if the toy has room to accomodate them as you don’t really want the eyes to protrude too much.

Well, those are some tips on how to make eyes for your stuffed animals. Have more? Let us know in the comments or in our forum.