How to make clothes for stuffed animals

How to make clothes for stuffed animalsWant to give your stuffies a whole new look? Choosing some clothes for stuffed animals can be the answer. There are a few ways to make them yourself.

Luckily you have quite a few options when it comes to clothes for stuffed animals. Some of them we have explored in the past.

The easiest way to go is to find some old baby clothes you have left or go to a baby store and get some. Baby clothes usually will do for medium and medium to large stuffed animals.

For smaller stuffies or ones with more unsual shapes you will have to put in some extra effort. The easiest way is to find a toy store that sells accessories for stuffed animals. Some of them, like Build-a-Bear, offer clothes for stuffed animals as well.

But sometimes the best way, if the most difficult, is to make the clothes yourself. First you have to take the stuffie and use it to draw the pattern of the shirt for example. You can simply place it on a big sheet of paper and draw the outline of the torso of the toy. Then add the extra details to the shirt if needed.

Trace the pattern on a piece of fabric of your choosing and cut it to size. Remember that you will need two pieces – one for the front of the shirt and one for the back. The front needs to have a deeper neckline. Place the pieces with their outer sides towards eachother and sew them along the sides. Remember to leave the sleeves, neckline and bottom part opened.

After you’re done with the sewing turn the shirt inside out and it is ready. You can now put it onto the stuffed animal. Looking good.

For stuffed animals with unusual shapes you might need to sew the shirt directly on top of the toy. Especially if you won’t be able to dress the stuffie due to the unusual shape. Another option is to make a shirt or a coat with buttons or a zipper. This will make the job a little bit more difficult but with better results.

An added benefit of clothes for stuffed animals is that clothes will keep the original fur and fabric of the toy in much better condition as the years go by.

If you are feeling especially creative, you can embroid extra details on the clothes. For example the name of a loved one. Or something that is dear to you. Feel free to make the stuffies happy with some new clothes.