How to make clothes for stuffed animals

How to make clothes for stuffed animalsSome of your stuffies may want to get a nice shirt for example. There are a few easy ways to make clothes for stuffed animals which we will explore to help you out.

There are few steps you need to take care of when you start to make clothes for stuffed animals. First make a few measurements of the body of the stuffie to know what to make. Then you can draw the clothing you want on a piece of paper with the desired size.

Find an old shirt or other piece of clothing in the color that you need. One way to do is is to cut a larger piece, it should be long as much as the waist line of the toy is when you measured it, and then cut it into the desired design, fit it on the toy and sew the side.

Another way is to cut two separate pieces. One is the front of the clothing and the other one is the back piece. The front should have a more V-shaped part for the neck. Then sew the two pieces together by their sides and you will have a shirt ready to put on the toy.

Of course don’t forget to cut holes for the upper paws to fit through. If you want, you can add sleeves to the holes and make it into a sweater for example.

Also feel free to add extra decorations and details. Things like buttons, badges, belt. Use your creativity and make your stuffie look great. You can also add a neck ribbon, clips and so on. But don’t overdo it. True style is in suble details not in the overflowing of them.

But maybe you want to create something a little bit different. Like a poncho for your teddy bear for example. This one is easy. Get a relatively big square piece of fabric. You need to make sure it will cover most of the body of the teddy bear when fitted.

Use a pencil or sewing chalk to draw a circle in the center of the cloth. It should be big enough to be able to fit through the head of the teddy bear but not too big so that the fit is too loose. So it is better to start wit smaller circles and cut more if needed.

After a few test fittings you will find what works best. Then dress the teddy bear with the poncho and you are done.

As for making pants, this is also relatively easy. Measure the lenght of the legs and their circumference. Draw the front of the pants on a piece of clothing and make the pant legs just a little bit wider than half of the circumference. Cut two identical pieces and then sew them together along the side edges. Remember that the top part of the pants will have to be a little wider to ensure a nice fit.

Then do test fit of the pants and make adjustments if needed. Finally add extra details like a belt and/or button if you want and you have a ready pair of pants for your stuffed animal.

With these techniques you can then explore other options and make clothes for stuffed animals using your creativity to the fullest.