How to make Angry Birds plushies

How to make Angry Birds plushies
Image credit: obsessivelystitching

The Angry Birds franchise is still popular despite being a few years old now. If you really like the crazy and angry birds, you can create them in real life.

All you need would be some plush or other fabric, some stuffing like cotton and thread. For the classic Angry Birds Plushie you would need red, black, white and a bit of orange fabric.

The original tutorial of how to make Angry Birds plushies is made by obsessivelystitching. It is quite comprehensive and will guide you well in the sewing process.

They are using fleece as the main fabric but you can use whatever you like and works better for you. Just try to keep the colors correct so that you achieve the desired results.

You would have to get the pattern and print it out or redraw it to the desired size. Then cut the pieces and trace them onto the fabric. You will need four pieces of the one with the face drawn on it. These will make the body.

Then cut the belly for the Angry Bird Plushie from the white fabric and mark it where it will go on the piece where the face will be. Don’t sticth it on as it will cover other pieces too. Simply mark where it will stay.

Draw were the eyes will be. Remember to work on the inside side of the piece. You can then follow the original tutorial and place the white fabric onto the outer side of the red piece. Stitch along the markings. Then cut the excess white fabric and you should be left with stitched on eyes and belly.

Using the same method add the black bits for the eyes and eyebrows. Then it is time to sew the rest of the panels that will make the body. Leave a little opening to fill the body with stuffing and sew it close.

Draw the lines for the feathers on the red fabric and sew on the lines. Cut the excess and fill them in with stuffing. Sew them on the top of the head and voila. Your Angry Bird Plushie is ready.