How to make a stuffed Terry cat

How to make a stuffed Terry cat
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One of the best ways to expand your stuffed animals collection is by making stuffed animals yourself. Lets see how to make a stuffed Terry cat with ease.

The original tutorial is by Dollmaker. It features a free pattern to use for the making of the stuffed Terry cat.

The patterns are available to download here and here. The source says you can print them on A4 paper. Actually you can size them up at a print store if you want to make a bigger stuffed Terry cat. It is up to you.

About the fabric. You can choose any type of fabric you want. In this case the tutorial is using an old towel. It is a good idea, because it will look like fur on the cat and it will be nice and fluffy.

After you have the printed pattern, cut the pieces and trace them onto the towel or piece of fabric you have chosen. Cut the fabric and leave about half a centimeter extra for the seam.

Remember to take notice of the proper side of the fabric so not to end up sewing the inner sides of the pieces on the outer side. Place the inner sides of the pieces towards one another and sew along the edges.

Remember to leave one side opened so that you can turn the pieces inside out after you are done. It is best if you leave the neck opened for that.

Then do the same for the head. Stuff the head with cotton or polyester fiber or foam. You can now run a seam on the bottom part of the ears to shape them nicely.

Now it is time to add some facial details to the cat. You can embroid the nose and mouth, or you can use buttons for that. Also don’t forget the eyes and whiskers.

The next step is to stuff the body of the Terry cat. Then simply attach the head to the body and sew them together. You can hold it in place with some pinc to make it easier while sewing. Use thicker thread and don’t rush it. Instead try to do a neat seam.

Congratulations, you’ve made a stuffed Terry cat. Now it is time to introduce it to the rest of your stuffed animals and begin playing. Have fun!