How to make a stuffed sock dog

How to make a stuffed sock dog
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While there are many stuffed dogs readily available in the toys stores, sometimes you may want to create something yourself. So how about making a stuffed sock dog?

Sock toys in general are quite easy to make. Especially when you get the hang on it. But what if it’s your first time? You may need a little extra help. We hope our short tutorial on how to make a stuffed sock dog will help you out.

For a base we will use the stuffed sock dog of They have only pictures of the process but not a full description.

Making a stuffed sock dog

First start by gathering the needed materials. You will need a pair of socks. Some thicker ones, like wool, would do much better. One sock will be for the main body and the other one will be used for cutting the head, paws, tail and ears.

First draw a pattern of the paws and ears on paper. Make it flat and a bit bigger than you need it. Then trace that pattern onto the sock and cut two identical pieces.

Place them one on top of the other with their inner sides pointing out. Sew along the edges and leave one side opened. Then turn the piece inside out so that the outer sides come on the outside. Fill the piece with cotton. You can also use beans, small plastic pellets, foam. Repeat for the other ear, tailĀ and four paws.

From the bottom of the sock you can cut the head. It’s easiest to cut the sock along the width so that the already made top for the toes and ball of the foot is used for the head. You can sew a couple of pellets or buttons for eyes then fill it in with cotton and sew it close. Then sew the ears on.

Then take the other sock and cut it again along the width to the desired lenght of the body. Fill the sock up with cotton and sew the open end close. Then sew the head on. For better look, sew the head onto the sewn end on the body.

You can take a third colored sock and cut it to shape as a sweater for the stuffed sock dog. It’s not mandatory though. You can also use your creativity and add extra details and accessories to the toy. For example you can take a black thread and run a line beneath the nose for a smile.

This is how to easily make a stuffed sock dog. Have you already made you own stuffed animals? For example an elephant? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.