How to make a stuffed sheep

How to make a stuffed sheep
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Sheep are very cute animals. For some reason stuffed sheep are even cuter. With a little materials and this free pattern you can make one yourself with ease.

The original tutorial is made by nozdesign on blogspot. There are other ideas there too. You need to grab the pattern from the site. Then you have to print it ona a piece of paper. Alternatively you can redraw it in the size you want.

Take note that the head and ears are drawn inside the main body piece. This is just to save space on the pattern. You can cut it along the lines to be able to retrace it on the piece of fabric of your choice.

Also note that you should cut the ears into separate pieces too. The pattern is just showing you where to attach them. Cut two pieces of each piece on the pattern with the exception of the rectangular shape in the upper right. Those are the legs so you need four pieces if you are going to make the compact sitting down version of the stuffed sheep and eight pieces if you will be making it standing on its legs.

Also you should use a furry fabric for the main body. Something like an old fluffy towel or some old fur. Turn the fabric on the smooth side and cut two pieces for the main body.

Then retrace and cut the rest of the pieces from a normal, smoother fabric for the legs, face and inner part of the ears. Cut two pieces of fur for the ears as well. Also leave some fur for the final detail.

Now put the two pieces of fur with their outer sides facing each other. Sew along the lines and rembemer to leave a little from the bottom part unsewn so that you can turn the pieces inside out. Do the same procedure for the legs and head.

For the ears, take the furry piece and the smooth piece and sew them together with the same technique as above. The furry part is for the back of the ear. You can make them more round by sewing them close at the end where you will attach them to the head.

Stuff the body, legs and head with cotton, wool, polyfil or something else that you find suitable. Sew the finished pieces closed. Then start assembling them together.

After you have sewn the head onto the body, you can use the extra piece of fur and cut it to size to make the furry part of the top of the head of the stuffed sheep that links with the rest of the body. Sew it in place.

After you have sewn all the pieces, your stuffed sheep is almost done. It is time to add the face details. You can do that by embroidering the face. Another option is to cut pieces of felt and glue/stitch them on. You can also be creative when making the eyes.