How to make a stuffed rooster

How to make a stuffed roosterRoosters are very beautiful creatures. Having one for your stuffed animal collection is a must. If you want, you can make a stuffed rooster yourself.

In order to make a stuffed rooster you will have to first gather the needed materials. You would need fabric in at least two different colors, felt (or a third thicker and firmer fabric), stuffing, wire and beads.

The original tutorial for this is right here. It is a PDF file and it is made by JO-ANN Stores. You can follow it all the way but you can also use it as a basic guidance and modify your stuffed rooster a bit to your preferences.

The tutorial features a nice pattern for the stuffed rooster. You can use it for your creation and either print it up to the size you want or redraw it to your specific needs.

As per the instructions of the tutorial, cut two main body pieces and one center. Leave a couple of centimeters extra for seams. Put the pieces with their outer sides facing in and start sewing them together. Leave an opening at the bac so you can turn the ready piece inside out and then fill it with stuffing.

You can use wire as a base for the legs of your stuffed rooster. This is not mandatory but it will make the toy able to stand by itself. Bend the wire starting from the top of the foot going down. Make a loop at one toe and run the wire back and loop again for the second toe, then once again for the third toe and finally once more at the back for the back toe.

The next step would be to cut stripes from the felt or tougher fabric, wrap them around the legs and glue them on. Then you can stitch them to the main body with the excess felt. Another option is to simply trace and cut chubby like legs and fill them with stuffing. This will lose the realistic appereance of the toy a bit but it will make it safer for children.

The most intricate part of the whole ordeal would be the tail. You can cut it as per the pattern from once piece. But some roosters have colorful tails with a few colors. You could sew together such a tail from several pieces. It would require some more time and effort, but it will make your stuffed rooster that much more unique.

You can simply cut the wings from the other colored fabric and attach them to the main body. It would be nicer though to cut extra two pieces so that you can make stuffed wings which would look better.


The comb and the wattle can simply be cut from red felt and glued or sewed on. If you are into more details, you can also make the comb and wattle stuffed like our mascot Futix here.

Futix is not handmade, but it is also a very simple construction so to speak, which is easy to do youself.

Finally it is time to add eyes and your stuffed rooster is done. The eyes can be beads, embroided on, stickers… Check this out for more ideas.