How to make a stuffed Rhino Bookend

How to make a stuffed Rhino Bookend
Image credit: A Lion’s Nest

Your books keep falling from the shelf? Here is how you can make a cute stuffed Rhino Bookend to help you out. Ok, you can make it for cuddling, too, we won’t blame you.

All you need is the tutorial from A Lion’s Heart which was made for BuzzFeed. It features the link to the original free pattern, too, along with nice in-progress photos during the making of the stuffed Rhino bookend.

You have to start by gathering the needed materials. You would need two shades of grey felt, grey thread, some pink thread, stuffing, pellets. The tutorial says you have to print out and magnify the pattern twice. You can actually do it in a size you feel appropriate for your setting.

Start by cutting out the pieces from the fabric. You will need two of each with the exception of the one that looks like an airplane. This is in fact the belly of your future stuffed rhino bookend and it has to be cut from the lighter grey fabric and the rest of the pieces Рfrom the darker one.

If you are using felt, it doesn’t matter which side you will use. If you have chosen another type of fabric, place the outer sides of the two body pieces one towards another and blanket-stitch the top part. Stitch from the bottom of the big horn all the way to the beginning of the back legs. Add the tail, too.

Stuff the horns with pellets or polyfil or foam. Add the eyes and ears.

Next line up to bottom piece from light grey and sew it beginning from the back legs and going forward to the middle. Fill he half with stuffing. If you are going to be placing pellets or other heavier stuffing to make the Rhino bookend more heavy and resisting to the weight of the books, close off three of the legs and add the pellets or lentils through the last leg before you sew it close. Use the pink thread for the bottom of the legs.

If you are planning on using the stuffed rhino only as a cuddly piece then stuff it before you close off the belly completely. You can now add the additional accessories like the monocle, pink cheeks and so on.

Your stuffed Rhino bookend is now ready to guard your books. Congrats!