How to make a stuffed racoon

Image credit: MookyChick
Image credit: MookyChick

Racoons are quite quite by themselves. But if you make a stuffed racoon then you can have the quitest stuffed animals possible.

Lets see how to make a stuffed racoon. The pattern and idea is of MookyChick. As is the picture.

But now lets make a stuffed racoon

First of all you need to gather your materials. You can use felt, lint or any other fabric you prefer. It is best to stick to a couple of colors and something soft and cuddly.

You will also need cotton or foam for the stuffing.

A couple of buttons for the eyes and nose are also needed.

The stuffed racoon is best made by hand. There is no ready-made pattern so you can draw one yourself. You can model it after the one in the picture or customize it as you see fit.

Draw the outline on the cloth with a white carbon pen for best resutls. Cut all elements twice and remember to leave a little extra space for the seams.

Lets say we put together the ears. Take two pieces and put them with their outer sides towards each other. Sew along the edge and leave one side opened.

Then turn them inside out. It is also time to sew in the white details in the ears which can be thin pieces of white lint.

Then do the same with the head, body, arms and tail. Take the pieces and fill them with cotton. The quantity of cotton is up to you. It is best not to overfill the pieces so that the stuffed racoon doesn’t burst or become uncomfortable to cuddle.

Remember to add the white details before you sew the main bits and fill them with cotton. You can then add facial expressions as you see fit. Check out these ideas for how to add eyes and whiskers to the stuffed racoon.